Monday, August 2

Vote Danniel Maio, COVID19 Stories

Hi, my name is Danniel Maio.  I am running for NYS Assembly on the COVID-19 Stories party.  I  am the only candidate statewide having a party name focused on the politics of the coronavirus.

Governor Cuomo had a clear 4-Phase plan against the virus in April.  Since June when the daily counts of confirmed cases bottomed down, his continuing restrictions have compounded the number of families and businesses reaching their “breaking point”.

I am an opposition voice against Governor Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio.  Their actions in the name of science have become more inconsistent and unfair.  Our leaders need to stop singularly focused on swatting at the virus.  I am calling for an end of all restrictions and lifting of the Emergency Declaration since March 7th.  Going forward, policies and direction should consider coexistence with coronavirus.

COVID-19 is highly contagious.  I am in favor of encouraging mask wearing and social distancing as the nation rides through its third wave.

What does Danniel propose?

  1. Redo COVID-19 maps as spots and clusters instead of grouping them in Zip Codes.  As a map maker at Identity Map Company, I understand how to make data presentation clear and easy to understand.
  2. Report “breaking point” stories from people who recovered, from businesses that applied for relief, and from parents and children where school failed them.
  3. Ask all COVID-19 related fines be dropped or forgiven.
  4. Stop all attempts to close or restrict schools, businesses and religious gatherings especially those without a single case.
  5. Countdown to end all existing COVID-19 restrictions and laws so life could return to normal.

Open the City now.  The longer the restrictions continues, the less of what makes New York will become as stores closed, people moved and institutions changed.

I want to end this hollowing of New York.  More fallouts is to be expected in 2021 on police security, gapping budget, and census tally.

Danniel S. Maio, for NYS Assembly, 28th District, will help guide us through.

(718) 545-0975

PS.  I am also the president of Central Queens Republican Club.


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  • Jeffrey Weil

    President Maio, we have already voted for you. For many years I had a relationship with Mr. Hevesi, Father & Son. We spoke on all issues that affected our community. Unfortunately the relationship disintegrated with the Safe Act and the Governor’s Greenlight legislation. I hope that we will have an opportunity after your victory to discuss these and other issues. Please keep my email on file for that meeting. Dr. Jeff Weil

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